Posted by: Jeremy | February 23, 2009

Ortiz may know something of this “boli”

Ortiz, with products that may or may not be legal

Ortiz, with products that may or may not be legal

It’s the start of a new week, which naturally brings new developments in baseball’s steroids scandal. Relax A-Rod, you’re off the hook today! The latest news links David Ortiz to Angel Presinal, the steroid aficionado that apparently bunked with Rodriguez on the road through 2007. This comes about a week after Ortiz suggested Major League Baseball should hand out one-year suspensions to juicers. Ortiz is downplaying the story, saying his relationship with Presinal is strictly player-trainer. Obviously, Big Papi. We wanna know if this guy is supplying you with the goods.

There hasn’t been much reaction to this story yet, likely because people are more likely to give Ortiz the benefit of the doubt than they are A-Rod. Then again, Ortiz did turn from a burnout with Minnesota to one of the league’s most feared hitters upon his arrival in Boston, so it does raise some questions. Also, there’s been talk A-Rod may be suspended just for his involvement with Presinal, who was told to stay away from major league players, so it’s possible Ortiz could face a similar punishment.



  1. I refuse to believe Ortiz’s success can be attributed to anything other than hot dogs and pizza.

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    ps. you are cool

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