Posted by: Jeremy | February 21, 2009

Not-so-hot Curry

Curry scored 20 but shot just 6-of-23

Curry scored 20 but shot just 6-of-23

So much for trying to spice things up, ESPN. Despite all the hype, the Curry brothers didn’t make much of an impact in this afternoon’s BracketBuster games, with Stephen, last year’s March Madness sweetheart, laying bricks in a home loss to Butler and Seth, a freshman at Liberty, scoring 24 (on 9-of-21 shooting) in a 24-point blowout loss to a powerhouse Old Dominion squad.

After last March, you’re likely familiar with the Stephen Curry bandwagon. I’m a fan too, and I’m proud to say I jumped on well before last season. Back in my days as a prolific high school scorer (albeit on a team that didn’t win a game in my last two years), I saw my school’s junior team play the son of the great Dellicious (then a Raptor) and the stunning Sonya Curry, then in Grade 8, in a tournament, so it was nice to see him back it big-time so many years later. But why didn’t he capitalize on last year’s tourny and enter the draft, where he probably would’ve been a lottery pick? Sure, his numbers are up this year (29.0 ppg, 5.8 apg), but it’s starting to look like Davidson isn’t even going to be around in March at all, let alone making a Cinderella run. If Curry decides to enter the draft this June, he’ll likely see himself going a lot lower than he would’ve last year.



  1. My goodness. That Sonya Curry sure is a tasty little bit isn’t she?

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