Posted by: Jeremy | February 20, 2009

And A-Rod digs himself a deeper hole…

I'd love to run into this guy at a party and scream "LIAR!"

I'd love to run into this guy at a party and scream "LIAR!"

Oh yes, the news keeps getting worse for Alex Rodriguez. After figuring he could cover his steroid use with a story of a cousin and an over-the-counter drug he acquired in the Dominican that he didn’t even know was a steroid, his lie seems to have caught up to him already. Really, A-Rod lied? According to ESPNdeportes, the drug primobolan had to have been acquired on the black market, because it isn’t available over the counter in DR. And get this — the cousin, who was later identified as Yuri Sucart, isn’t even his cousin! And you had us fooled A-Rod!

Oh yeah, and that’s just the start of it. According to the New York Daily News, A-Rod is close friends with Angel Presinal, a personal trainer that was banned from major league clubhouses in 2001 after being accused of shipping a box of steroids to Canada for fellow-juicer Juan Gonzalez, who was a Cleveland Indian at the time. Gonzalez and A-Rod were then teammates in 2002 with Texas — see where this is going? Turns out Presinal was staying in A-Rod’s hotel rooms on road trips as late as 2007, four years after he apparently stopped using steroids. Yeah right, A-Rod. So when’s the next press conference?


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