Posted by: Jeremy | February 19, 2009

Raptors trade for O’Bryant, immediately question his Irish descent

O'Bryant adding to Eddy Curry's misery

O'Bryant adding to Eddy Curry's misery

The Raptors made a little move at the trade deadline today, sending fourth-string shot-happy point guard Will Solomon to Boston for seven-footer Patrick O’Bryant, who they might be disappointed to discover isn’t Irish. Hopefully they won’t be as disappointed as I was when I enrolled in Biology class at university with a professor named Chang, only to discover she was Dutch. So much for getting any Chinese wisdom in that class. And yes, there is a Seinfeld episode that is based upon the same joke, and I’ll admit to stealing it from there (you’ll find much of my material comes from Jerry).

To call this trade inconsequential is an understatement, as O’Bryant, a lottery pick in 2006, has played just 326 minutes in his three-year career. Solomon, outcast by his horrible play and the emergence of Roko Ukic, must feel like he won the lottery. He may even see the court, since Boston doesn’t have a true backup point guard. That is, until Doc Rivers and co. see this guy play.

It was quiet around the rest of the league too, with Larry Hughes and Rafer Alston the most notable players sent packing.


  1. You mean that is until Will Solomon sees the court in Sacramento because the trade was a three team trade with Boston getting a heavily guarded second round pick in 2014!! Nice posts though buddy!!

  2. True, I just noticed last night that it was a three-way trade…
    Good thing for Boston, now they’ve got some roster spots to sign veterans that have been released, aka Joe Smith, Mikki Moore etc.

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