Posted by: Jeremy | February 19, 2009

Chuck checks back in

Sir Charles

Sir Charles

Charles Barkley returns from his seven-week leave of absence tonight, joining Ernie Johnson and The Jet on TNT’s NBA studio show. As you likely recall, Chuck was slapped with a DUI in late-December after driving through a stop light and picking up a female friend for what sounded like it would be a good time. Of course, hilarity ensued when Barkley asked the officer that was booking him to confirm whether or not the woman he was with was hot. Yes, even Barkley can turn a DUI into a joke.

Personally, I’m happy to see Barkley back with TNT. Sure, he’s screwed up — aside from the DUI, there’s his gambling problem/debt, his general outspokenness and the fact that he was a pain in the ass to the media in his playing days — but Barkley seems to be a lot more human than your A-Rods and Roger Clemenses. He’s been willing to admit mistakes. Also, he’s done a lot of good.

In honour of Chuck’s return, it’s only fitting to have a look at Frank Caliendo’s impression of Sir Charles:


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